We are a new building development startup company focused on projects in London and across UK. Our mission is to create high quality sustainable environments for a variety of uses and a better opportunity for good living.

Our Ambitions

• To develop or redevelop land and property

• To add value for the people that will use our developments

• To maximise the use of space in a sustainable and creative fashion

• To bring together leisure, retail, residential and social uses of space

• To promote cultural harmony, caring for the environment we live in

Our Methods

• Project Management from concept to occupation in minimal time

• Minimise disruptive effects of construction

• Utilise modern methods, materials and equipment in sympathy with technological progress

• Organise appropriate finance, skills and expertise

• High scale collaboration of respected companies, professions and trades

• Detailed liaison on planning guidelines, constraints and permissions

• Respect for detail and accuracy in all that we do

Our People and Experience

• Full building project management in continental Europe

• Financial Management and funding for investment

• Architecturs and designers

• Experienced Environmental, Health and Safety Management

• Operation in CDM

Our Scope

• Our project range will cover very small to values in excess of £200 million